What is Over Issued Newsprint / Newspaper (OINP)?

Over Issued Newspaper / Newsprint– in bundles (OINP) consists of any unused, overrun newspapers / newsprint that is securely tied in bundles. All of our newspaper / newsprint is free from any sort of mud, dust, garbage or any damaged newspapers.

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What is Over Issued Newsprint / Newspaper (OINP) Used for & Who buys it?

We import and supply over issued newsprint (OINP) Worldwide to be used for packaging things like fruits, vegetables, flowers, assorted items, furniture, and even in poultries, and any other items depending on the requirements by our customers.



Recycling Over Issued Newsprint / Newspaper (OINP)

Worldwide, over 95 million metric tonnes of paper are recovered every 12 months to be made into recycled paper.  According to Environment Canada, of the 6 million tonnes of paper used annually only 25% is recycled. This paper accounts for 1/3 of the waste in North America and is money owed.


Over Issued Newspaper is an excessive hassle in many industries and offices, because of printing errors, junk mail, billing, and packaging. It accounts for 70% of an organization overall waste. An average workplace employee uses about 10,000 sheets of paper in the span of a year. In addition to this corporations additionally consume other paper products such as cardboard and envelopes. Investing in a baler can help with paper waste worldwide and the expenses associated with it.



Environmental Impact of Recycling Over Issued Newsprint / Newspaper (OINP):

It is important for people to be educated on the process of recycling, so that paper is not wasted and is recycled, so that it can be reused. The process of reusing over issued newsprint / newspaper worldwide can help combat this problem.

How Over Issued Newsprint / Newspaper (OINP) is sold:

Bundled Appx. 15, 20, 25 KG

Capacity loading 20 FCL contains 18 MT +/- 3%, 40 FCL contains 28 MT +/- 3%


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