Corrugated Recycled Cardboard 

Sinaitex Liquidation Traders Inc. works with Corrugated Cardboard because it is recyclable and can be reused before it goes to the landfill. Our recycled cardboard can be shipped in 40ft containers worldwide. 

corrugated recycled cardboard sinaitex vintage fashionWhat is Corrugated Cardboard?

Corrugated Cardboard is made of 3 layers. The two outer layers of the cardboard have a smoother surface and the inner layer of the cardboard is corrugated.

What is Corrugated Cardboard Used for?

Corrugated Cardboard is used for shipping, storage, and packaging. 

Recycling Corrugated Cardboard:

90% of products in North America are shipped in corrugated cardboard. The average family disposes 13,000 pieces of cardboard every year. Unfortunately, not all cardboard is recyclable. Some products which contaminate cardboard, interfere with the recycling process, and therefore cannot be recycled.

corrugated recycled cardboard

Environmental Impact of Recycling Corrugated Cardboard:

It is important for people to be educated on the process of recycling so that only the correct cardboard is recycled. Recycling cardboard at 75% is equivalent to removing 55 million cars off the road. Recycling can improve the environment and create jobs in the economy.

Who buys Corrugated Cardboard?

Companies that process the cardboard into new cardboard.



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