What is Credential Clothing?

Credential clothing is original, unsorted and unopened freshly collected donations that have not gone to our retail outlets.

Types of credential Clothing?

We sell two types of credential clothing. We sell credentials with the shoes, belts and purses mixed inside the clothing and we also sell it without accessories, which is strictly just the clothing. Since credential clothing is unsorted clothing. Our team still needs to go through the clothing to make sure items that can damage the clothing are removed. These items may include hard items and liquids such as shampoos or lotions.

Where does our Credential Clothing come from?

Our supply chains are from North America. They vary from retailers, non-profit organizations, private collectors, consolidators, and major retailers worldwide.

wholesale credential clothing Who buys our product?

Since we are wholesale used clothing suppliers our products are sold worldwide. They are bought by grading facilities, wholesalers as well as retail stores. We can accommodate global markets by having staff on-site in multiple countries. Our staff consists of individuals of many cultures that are well versed in many languages. This in turn makes them knowledgeable and sensitive to the needs of every market. We can sell our credentials based on the needs of each market. We sell loose credentials as well as baled credentials.



What are the environmental benefits?

The average person throws away 81 lbs of clothing a year. Our goal is to ensure these clothing pieces stay out of our landfills.  Since most of the items can be reused, reworked, or repaired we want the clothing to embrace the circular economy.

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