What are Mixed Rags?

Mixed rags are often referred to as institutional textile bales. These garments have been seen in our physical stores. They either stayed unsold on the shelves of our store for a week or were deemed unfit for sale in our establishments.

These clothing companies have previously sorted the items and decided which ones belonged in their stores and which ones could be sold again

There might be a few flaws in these clothes. Even though some of the clothes are in fantastic condition, they might just be out of season. A bundle of mixed rags weights 1,050 to 1,250 pounds.

An 18 gauge manually tied galvanized wire holds them together. Full cargo of baled mixed rags should weigh between 39,000 and 42,000 pounds. 

Mixed rags are made up of two categories of clothing: articles that were hung in a thrift store but did not sell tags will typically still be on the clothing and garments that, because of defects like missing buttons, stains, etc., were not put up for sale in a thrift store.

Where do our Mixed Rags come from?

Our supply chains are from North America. They vary from retailers, non-profit organizations, private collectors as well as consolidators.


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Who buys our product?

Our products are sold worldwide. They are bought by grading facilities, wholesalers as well as retail stores.

We can accommodate to global markets by having staff on site in multiple countries. Our staff consists of individuals of many cultures that are well-versed in many languages.

This in turn makes them knowledgeable and sensitive to the needs of every market. We can sell our mixed rags based on the needs of each individual market. We sell loose mixed rags as well as baled mixed rags.

We are the wholesale supplier of Mixed rags

Retailers, graders, and wholesalers make up our diverse consumer base. Our multicultural workforce has received specialized training in dealing with cultural and lingual difficulties.

You may be confident that the partners working on your project will be professionals who are dedicated to earning your complete satisfaction thanks to Sinaitex's experience in the mixed rag industry.

If you need it, several of our international suppliers can put together shipments of loose apparel. To make sure we deliver exactly what you need, get in touch with us right away and let us know the details of your order.

What are the Environmental Benefits?

The average person throws away 81 lbs of clothing a year. Our goal is to make sure these pieces of clothing stay out of our landfills.  We want the clothing to embrace the circular economy.

Mixed rags might seem like ordinary waste, but they have a substantial impact on the environment and our communities. By donating, recycling, upcycling, or participating in clothing swaps, we can contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly world.

Let's be mindful of our textile consumption and disposal, ensuring that even our old clothes find a new purpose in the cycle of reuse and recycling. Together, we can make a positive difference in the world and reduce the burden of mixed rags on our planet.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy used clothes in bulk? 

If you are looking to buy premium quality used clothes in bulk, Sinaitex is always the best place to consider. 

What is the shipping time?

Shipping time varies from location to location. To know exactly please contact our team they will be able to answer the question more accurately.

Where do thrift stores get their inventory? 

All the thrift stores buy their inventory from wholesalers like Sinaitex.

In which countries do you sell?

Sinaitex provides shipping worldwide as well as locally.

From where do you get used clothing?

We get tons of used clothing every year from private collectors, non-profit organizations etc.

What do you do with old used clothes?

Our team of thrift experts checks every piece before bailing. We remove all the defective pieces and recycle them. Our good quality used clothing is being sold worldwide.