The best vintage pieces are like hidden gems. They are rare and hard to find. They are sourced carefully by our passionate and determined team - not only to cause a buzz in the fashion industry, but to preserve our planet and protect our future.

Sinaitex Vintage Fashion was established in 2014. As experienced eBay sellers, with 10,000 plus vintage items for sale and a total of 18 years of selling experience - this was clearly the next step.

What started as a team looking for unique apparel that held a sense of memorabilia to the consumer, later expanded into caps, handbags, accessories and sneakers. The brand kept evolving - from Champion to Adidas, or that vintage pair of Nike Air Jordan's the consumer was desperately seeking to find. Sinaitex Vintage Fashion now includes anyone and everyone who is looking for that special piece to add a touch to their streetwear style, or looking for a piece from the past. How about a rare Harley Davidson tee or a Michael Jordan Jersey? Or that cute coach bag from the 90s? We cover it all - from your favourite NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL Jersey and Cap, or just a simple Levi’s denim jacket. How about some Disney and Marvel for the little ones? Men's, women's and children’s items are all a part of the package.

The company has expanded and now caters to a worldwide clientele outside of North America and continues to filter into both large and small international markets to share its expertise in fashion and environmental awareness.

Recycling is a must, or it will be the downfall of our planet. Day-to-day we strive to have even the smallest positive environmental impact on our earth, while sharing with our customers the many benefits of sustainable fashion.

The average citizen throws away 81 lbs of clothing a year. 95% of textiles can be recycled. Yet 85% are thrown away and only 15% of these items are donated. We strive to make sure these pieces stay out of landfills and can be enjoyed by the fashion world.

Sinaitex Vintage Fashion has expanded its social media presence to share its story and hope to remain a positive force in the market. Follow us on Instagram to be a part of our journey.