Fashion (Clothing & Shoes)

Sinaitex Liquidation Traders Inc. has the highest quality of store returns in the market. With years of experience and ongoing relationships with major retailers we can purchase their over stock items and store returns in bulk and offer them to our clients for great prices. We sell these items by the piece and pallet. We offer full loads of store returns to our customers worldwide.

What are Store Returns?

These are over stock items from major retailers worldwide and items that have been returned to the store.



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Where do they come from?

They come from retailers and wholesalers all over North America.

Who buys our products?

Our products are purchased by smaller retailers, wholesalers, and online sellers worldwide.



What are the environmental Benefits?

The average person throws away 81 lbs of clothing a year. Our goal is to make sure these pieces of clothing stay out of our landfills.  Since most of the items can be reused, reworked, repaired, or sold in other markets, we want the clothing to embrace the circular economy.

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